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Historical Highcourt

Ah yes, the... ahem. Let me try this. Hearken to me, child. 'Tis Highcourt, an ancient language founded in early times. Pray heed my plead, if thou ever encounterth those fluent in highcourt, be of thine best manners and abjure any aggressions, unless thy wish to have thou head roll down a street... How'd I do?
— All knowing Lohrk

Geographical Distribution

While Historical Highcourt was spoken around the globe, not only by those of royal blood, but also those of noble status, in todays age, only the traditionally wealthy population is fluent in it. Speaking Highcourt is a sign of prestige and will automatically boost ones reputation. In recent years, the language modernized and dropped a lot of the elongating word choices, at least when spoken. Nobles nowadays will put their focus on the shortened and expressive words during conversations.


Most words used in this dialect are very breath-heavy. Speaking in Highcourt is often more exhausting than other languages like Common or Elvish and is thus, not desireable to be fluent in by most inhabitants of Cathrea.

Sentence Structure

The biggest difference between the common tongue and Historical Highcourt is the structure of the sentences. While common has clearly laid out ways of speaking and writing, highcourt has more loose definitions.


One rule that is pretty consistent is the "st-rule", which dictates verbs with the suffix "st" are almost exclusively used in combination with questions.
Havest thou not had enough of this bloodshed?

Stretching and Shortening

While words like speaketh or unconscionable have shorter variants in common, they have purposefully been stretched to sound more sophisticated. On the other hand, words like 'twas and 'twixt shorten and combine words for convenience. This is the main reason why Highcourt is difficult to master.


39 Words.
Root Languages
Common Phrases
Pray, hear me out.
Alas, thou have defeated me.
'Twas an enjoyable talk.
Thou shall rest now.

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