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Personal Attribute

These are my records, detailling the phenomenon known as the Person Attribute. I will go into detail of the origins, changes it makes in the body, its properties and more, all in this chapter.
— Ravyrio, Oracle of Time and Space

Basic Information

In its essence, a Personal Attribute is an ability, awarded to an individual by the universe. This ability does not exist a second time and reflects a persons personal growth up to the Gold rank.

God given Properties

Manifestation of the Strong Vein

To understand Personal Attributes, one must first understand The Meridian System. This part of the body is the most complex and magical. It has eight veins of magic running through the body, with commonly one emerging as the Strong Vein. Once fully emerged, the golden rank has been reached, and the persons primary element has been determined. As a result of this process, the Personal Attribute is formed.

Emergence of the Personal Attribute

Once the golden rank is reached, the 97th Meridian Point will evolve from an elementless and clear point into one, with the element of the Strong Vein and a piece of the soul. When two or more veins are equally strong, the Meridian Point will adapt an element, connecting all the veins together. Once this Pure Meridian is created, the Personal Attribute will emerge from within it.

Abilities and Restrictions

There is no godly ability given to mortals. Every Personal Attribute that emerges has its own set of rules. For some this might be the price of mana, for some these might be more complex. Physical Manifestations often do not require mana to wield. They instead have, for example, emotional, physical or situational restrictions.

My Theories of Origin

The following section is just one of speculation. This is, after all, my life's work. In my eyes, it is essentialI to at least think about where everything comes from. I will, however, keep it brief. If you want to know more, do read my Theories of Origin.

About Restrictions

The question here lies within the ceiling, put on every creature on Cathrea. Why don't we know of higher realms than that of the Sage? I theorize, that the eight primary gods have put restrictions on us as a population, as to not threaten their reign. I know this sounds crazy, since the gods are the reason we are alive in the first place, but what if we were brought up for a reason. Maybe, to serve the gods after death?

About The Pure Meridian

I don't know, something feels... off about the entire Meridian System. It feels, incomplete. The eight veins are powerful, and they are the basis of magic, but I can not shake the feeling tht there is something hidden beyond the known realms. Maybe, there is more to the universe I, or we in fact, have yet to discover. I think about this alot. Beings of higher power than even the Primals? Crazy of me, I know... but what if such creatures really exist?

Types of Personal Attributes

There are more ways than one a Personal Attribute can manifest itself in. Each of them has its own principles to function.

The Physical Manifestation

With the physical manifestation, the Personal Attribute appears in different real shapes. Most commonly, swords, axes, bows and other weaponry are created. However, accessories and armor are also physical manifestations.

The Bodily Manifestation

Personal Attributes of this type are additions to an individuals body. Most commonly found with animals, these morphing abilities can allow claws, wings and other parts to emerge. These changes can be activated manually, since it strains the body and requires considered amounts of mana.

The Ability Manifestation

The individual will gain a new magical ability that lets them manipulate reality in some way. Such spells can range from a simple fireball to rifts in reality. This manifestation takes massive amounts of mana to activate, but is also the most powerful out of all of them.

The Unique Manifestation

These Personal Attributes are of unknown nature. There is only a very small amount of people that have uniques. Not much is known about this manifestation, but those who are blessed, or sometimes cursed, by this anomaly, have all gone missing

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I really liked your article and how you describe the magic system. I'm curious about backlashes and if people actually know that happens (if it does). I'm also curious as to whether there's competition between the different kinds of personal attributes and if there are cults that believing in stealing others personal attributes :D Well done :D

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