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Noodle Snoodle

Ah yes, the Noodle Snoodle. A noodle bowl served at the Misty Noodle with a happy mix of, well, basically everything. Three different kinds of noodles and seafood in some piping hot broth, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.
— All knowing Lohrk

A Cute Idea

The Noodle Snoodle started out as a small birthday gift towards the youngest member of the Pulmenti Family, The'iyeht Pulmenti. Back when the Misty Noodle was yet to become the biggest vendor in the pirate city, Silvertongue Docks, money was tight with the family. Vedifur Pulmenti, the owner of the shop and father of the kid, came up with the idea, of letting his now seven year old son create his own dish that will then be put on the shops menue. The'iyeht loved the present and created a strange mix of different kinds of noodles and seafood. The finished product was a bowl 25cm in diameter, a massive bowl for a small child.

Chaotically Delicious

As promised, the bowl, which looked funny at best, got its spot on the menue. It didn't take long for people to try out this dish, even though their purchases were of jokingly nature. However, once they took the first bite, or slurp, the weird tentacles, seaweeds and noodles created a chaotically delicious taste and the bowl would be licked clean in a matter of minutes. The Noodle Snoodle became such a popular dish that in a few months, more tourists outside of the Docks visited just for this creation. The Misty Noodle gained a massive spike in customers and regulars.


Today, the now 22 year old The'iyeht runs the western Misty Noodle together with his mother Ovinitia Pulmenti. The cute idea that turned into a random dish has now become a strong part of the Pulmentis economic foundation, and helped expand and build upon the Misty Noodle family street vendor.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
The'iyeht Pulmenti
Served at
The Misty Noodle
Nezovgio Noodles
Wakyink Tentacle
Hoarfrost Frizzy

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