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Jade Seadragon

Captain Jade Seadragon- Brightplank

Ain't the fresh winds of the sea a blessin' Killian? Ya know, I ain't sailin' for the coin, or the merit. I sail for this freedom. I want everyone to feel what we're feelin' right now. The blessings of the seas.
— Jade Seadragon

Personal Attribute: Step of Freedom

The Step of Freedom allows Jade Seadragon to take a quick step in any direction, making it looked like she teleported. Those who look at her moments before feel a sense of pressure and will get puhed back. Additionally, an afterimage of golden light will be visible for half a second. If she were to wield a weapon of heavenly or deadly origin, her next attack would unleash that element and deal a devestating blow.
Jade can only use the Step of Freedom every three minutes. Additionally, the faster she uses this move, the less effective the elemental outburst will be. The step can also only be made in a direction that is not obscured by enemies or objects.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Jade Seadragons beautiful silver hair was a complete contrast to her smooth brown skin. She wasn't the most agile, nor the most muscular sailor, but her body still moved with grace in every situation she found herself in.

Facial Features

Aside from a few scars, Jade Seadragons skin was untouched. Small freckles covered her cheeks and earrings were often dangling down her neck.

Mental characteristics

Personal history


Jade Seadragon, formerly known as Jade Brightplank, grew up in the Silvertongue Docks. Her family was a reserved bunch of sailors that moved to the Docks to seek protection after getting attacked in their own hometown Creekwater. Jade was sheltered from the dangerous streets of the docks by her parents. She was tutored at home, was gifted books and only ever got out when with an adult. She however did not resent her parents, knowing their only did all this to protect her.

Sneaking out

Jade yet craved the outisde and used to sneak out when everyone was out fishing and explored the pirate city on her own. The young sailor got into practicing sword arts through friends she made over the years and found out she was extremely gifted. At the age of seventeen she got so good that Wheaton Seadragon, a member of the Seadragon family, recognized her skills and brought her and her family under the protection of the Seadragons. Even though her parents were mad at first, they did love Jade dearly and were proud of her accomplishments.


With a new surname and a new life ahead of her, she made it onto Wheatons crew and met her future husband Killian at the age of 21. She had found herself freedom and love. Eventually, at the age of 25, just before earning her own crew and being crowned Captain, she gave birth to Ceceile Seadragon.


Through the first ten years of Ceceiles life, Jade wasn't around much. The captain chose the seas over raising her daughter, as she grew her crew bigger and gained more influence. Leaving the daughter that would become one of the most glorious Captains the docks had ever seen to Killian, she first focused her attention on Ceceile after her 12th birthday. Jade personally then took a year off of being a captain to give her girl the same opportunities she got. The two trained together and bonded. Eventually, Jade invited her daughter into her crew, where the legends of Ceceile started taking off.

Free of Burdens

Eventually, Jade Seadragon stepped down from the Captains position, but remained a member of a pirates crew. That crew, was Ceceiles, the current Captain Silvertongue. The now 70 year old member of the Seadragons eventually passed while fighting off three pirates in a combat, killing all of them in the process. She took her last breath after the battle was over, toughing out the pain to die in the arms of the ones she loved the most, her daughter and her husband.


Jade Seadragon

spouse (Vital)

Towards Killian Seadragon



Killian Seadragon

spouse (Vital)

Towards Jade Seadragon



Date of Birth
23rd of the First Blessing, 1554
Date of Death
32nd of the First Blessing, 1624
1554 AAP 1624 AAP 70 years old
baby blue
short, braided, silver
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
almond brown
Wizards Placeholder by nnie
Wizards Placeholder by nnie

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Another great pirate again! I love how she grew up protected and sheltered by her parents, only to end up exactly what they were trying to prevent.   Keep up the good work! :D

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