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Aethermechanical Toolset

Time: 19 6 1626: 9 38 - Begin

Talked to Caller and the others, pretty sure we need tools for this to work.
"There is no such thing, we need to design it on our own" - Shadow

"Screw this, it ain't workin' damn it" - Axe
this stuck to me, might call these things screws...

Need different metal tools to work with those "screws", funny name...

Time: 19 6 1626: 10 03 - End
Result: need a Toolset
— Research notes

Conducted Research


Through studies conducted on the blueprints by Whistle and his team, they found out that no special materials are needed for this essential toolkit. Some sort of metal is still recommended.


Up to this point, the researchers have identified a total of 3 essential tools needed to continue their research effectively. They called these tools "Screwdrivers", "Pliers" and "Wrench". Additionally, they realized that hammers, saws and clamps would also be essential in the building process.
Tool: Screwdriver (rename this)
Material: Oak Wood
Durability: 5 screws until failure
Metal is recommended
— Notes after failed prototype

Future Prospects

The goal of this toolkits completion is to have a set of usable utensils to build, upgrade and fix the Ethyllean Automatica, as well as future constructs made using the same principles. Additionally, the Roxikyens Inventures have already plans for expanding the list of essential tools. These additions will mostly be screwdrivers and wrnches in more than one size to work on screws of other sizes.
Whistle! Great news, we have news from Ragrots! They are willing to lend us a forge and a blacksmiths expertise to work on parts around the clock! How great is that?
— Page
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Tool Manufacturing

The time it took to manufacture a tool heavily depended on its individual complexity. While a screwdriver prototype was created in two weeks, efficient and usable clamps are still yet to be created.

Tool: Wrench
Material: General Astralica
Durability: little worn off after a weeks use
General Astralica works, might be a bit expensive though
— Testing results


Manufacturing these tools is no small feat. Currently, Whistle and his friends are closely working together with Magicsmiths around The Falaelian Barony to create custom casts.

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