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Ziel Aerial Amplification Peripheral

"ZAAP, or the Ziel Aerial Amplification Peripheral, is a piece of technology I designed explicitly to convert the Elektrik Vault into a powerful radio tower. It poses no security risks to the anonymity that Typhon's Teeth has to prevent detection from Humans, as it amplifies the power of the Vault, not reduces it. See this as my personal reparations for The War."
---Brandi, discussing her invention with The Council

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The ZAAP functions identically to the technology that is within cell towers. The metal rod affixed to the dead center of the Ziel Crystal creates an omnidirectional antenna that has an incredibly far range; were an identical one placed within the Eastern Elektrik Vault, Typhon's Teeth would have an impressive 85% cell coverage.

The inner workings of it still allows Typhon's Teeth to be indetectable, as it disguises itself as a radio tower somewhere in Ceres. It can be remotely accessed through a specified device created by its inventor to connect to a specific region's cable or Internet through usage of a proprietary Virtual Private Network, or VPN; its design mostly facilitates the usage of cell phones, however.


ZAAP is highly significant, and almost required, within Typhon's Teeth, as its technology allows the Ziel Vaults to connect directly to the network systems of Humans. This would limit the need for Daemon to visit the human-populated mainland for books or media, and allow the Cambion Bridge to be repaired.

This artefact is based on the same Ziel technology that Ziel Vaults have, with the [although unauthorized] usage of Shard being its key component. It integrates a great amount of Human technology within it, to allow it to connect to human network systems, and the repurposed Shard acts as its electrical conduit.
Item type
Electronic / Cybernetic
Current Holder
Unique, Artefact
16 kilogrammes
15 x 40 centimetres
Raw materials & Components
Shard, Metal Rod, Electronic Component Case
Welder's Tools or Engineer's Tools

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