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Krystal Transport Monolith

Written by Pookas Kreations

This statue has been stationed below Hy-Altia Mother-Ship for generations. There are not many left alive that know what it is truly used for. Only a few surviving Atlanteans are still alive from when they landed on the Atlantia Continent continent have that information. Some of the children, the Atlans know the secret.    If a true Atlantean or one with their blood travels to the statue and requests transport the ship above, they will be teleported there. When access is granted the carvings on the statue glow blue from the Oriculum in the grooves, this means that the Krystal Technology within the Monolith has been activated.    Many think that it is only stationary, because no one in living memory except those already mentioned have seen it move, but it can move under the correct circumstances. There once were many of these statues, they had various uses. Some were for access to the teleportation platforms, defense or offense, even smaller ones for security, maintenance, or transportation. The guardians will only acknowledge one with Atlantean blood, they can sense ones will the genetic markers.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Each one has a specific use and is only useable to those that know-how.

Manufacturing process

The first was created with a combination of magic and technology, later machines were created to create them on an assembly line, and then they are enhanced by magic.


Only to Atlanteans or those of their blood. I won't work for anyone else.
Item type
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
20 x 6 x 3
Raw materials & Components
They are commonly made from marble or quartzite, grooves designs are cut into them with specific patterns and inlaid with blue orichulum. These grooves are a representation of their Magitech circuits.

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