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Core Krystal

Written by Pookas Kreations

The Core Krystal is the Hy-Altia(Mother) Krystal that controls the city/ship of Hy-Altia, it is also source of all other Krystals' powers. In times of danger to the city, someone of the Royal line is chosen (by the Mother) to be a host for her, he is the guide for this power for both defense and offense. As each Monarch dies, a new sigil is added to the Core to signify his life-force being added to its own. This sigil holds some of his memories and knowledge for use of future Royals in need.


Through a link with their krystal, she is available like a computer interface. This interface is very user friendly, but you need to know that the link is there and what to ask.

Users can access the Library and many other functions, depending on the access granted to them by Mother. The Atlantean King or Chief Scientist are the only ones able to override Mother, and currently there is no one filling these positions, so Mother is in control.


Only energy of some type, this is provided by the hyro-electric generators and the sun.
Anyone not of the Royal line that touches or is touched by the Core is tuned into a crazed Krystal monster.
Parent Technologies
The Atlantean people created Mother, but the Core Krystal was naturally created.
Access & Availability
She is only available through a link to one that has a krystal implanted inside them, but Royals are the only ones able to physically touch her.
The Core Krystal is a sentient crystalline being, she has synapses embedded in an internal pattern.
The Core Krystal was discovered deep in the Cataract after the roofs collapse, but before the waterfalls engulfed the pit left behind. She was in the center of the deep cave. While excavating her, it was discovered that she was intelligent and telepathically active.

The enormous cave where she was found, had billions of smaller krystals studding the every surface surrounding her. It was theorized that she was a shard of a meteor/comet that fell to the surface and embedded herself below the surface from the force of her fall.

When they brought her up to the ship, they discovered that she could link with the AI of the ship and they decided to merge together for mutual collaboration and protection. While researching her in one of the labs, the link was discovered. They were not able to dissolve this link, so the scientists decided to enshrine this new being in the core of the ship.

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