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Transformation Matrix

Written by Pookas Kreations

This machine was created to create new life by hybridizing and crossbreeding current living beings. It is both a predicting machine, a genetic sampler, a cloning process, and a 3D printer. Urtho spent much of his life perfecting this machine, a few technicians helped him as well, but he put a block on their memories so they couldn't tell anyone else. All that is needed is for two or more genetic samples to be placed in the scanner hopper/table, then to turn it on.


First, the matrix maps the genomes of the samples and saves the information to its memory core for later use. When it is given instructions on the product, it predicts likely outcomes of the hybrid creatures, all in a holographic matrix. This representative creature can now be genetically engineered to the specification required.


The new creature can then be created at need, with variations on exact clones of each other. These early creatures were sterile, during their "probationary" phase, he tested many of these new beings to see how they "worked" out. If these prototypes survived and thrived, only then was it decided if they were worth the effort to give them the ability to breed.


This machine allowed much of the forced evolving of the various species of Aquatica. Of course, others of his colleagues had their own way of making their creations, but they weren't as detailed or as good as Urtho's. His were near to perfection, without the torture, and addiction that the other subjects endured.

He enticed an Ancient Akkadian to live in and help operate this machine, with the understanding that he could share his information with Hy-Altia(organization:e60687ff-1bae-4e1f-bada-c47a0d59cab5). The @[Children of Akadi used this information to form their new bodies.


This machine is based on both High Atlanteans and Core Krystal technology. Some Children of Akadi and Atlanteans helped him create the basic machine, but he merged the components together to create something new.

Social Impact

Until he saw the error of his ways, Urtho used his machine to help his colleagues to forcible evolve other species.
Parent Technologies
This computerized machine is the magnum opus of Urtho the Wise, it was created in his Urtho's Invisible Castle lab. His colleagues only knew that he had a program that predicted what his creations might look light or evolve into, not that he had an actual machine that could create them.
Access & Availability
Only those that have access to Urtho's Invisible Castle, have access to the machine. This item is unique and one of a kind. He made it to use, but not to be abused, and hid it in his tower so it wouldn't be misused.
The holographic matrix is a predictive algorithm that was programmed to take specific information and predict what a creature might look like and act if actually alive. This was merged with a basic computer, a special scanner, genetic sampler, and a 3D printer were all attached as wireless accessories. Add-ons can be connected at need. Simple commands can be dictated by voice, input with cybernetics, or a keypad.
Sparky Curian a The Travelers, rediscovered Urtho's Invisible Castle while searching Urtho the Wise. He took some stairs that seemed to lead to nowhere, opened a door, and saw a shimmering screen
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Model: TM 1

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