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Forced Evolution Machine

Written by Pookas Kreations

This machine was created centuries ago, by the Atlantean Academy of Science. They created it as an experiment to see if a creature could be evolved enough to be useful. It worked better than they could imagine. Their scientists thought they could use it to create their own slave labor.   This machine forcibly evolves any creature placed inside. First, it reads and records its DNA, then activates specific markers to advance its evolution. The markers are for biped, intelligence, and obedience in most subjects. It took many years to find which markers they wanted. The beginning of the process is painless, but when the operation begins it is excruciatingly painful. The first subject of each species takes many hours, but subsequent ones much less time.


A young Urtho the Wise was a technician on this machine. He fought for more humane treatment of the subjects. It's always been his stance that, better results come with a slower process, not a brute force approach. He wants to sedate the creatures and put them into a medical coma while the process is in effect. The AAC said it wasn't cost-effective and caused the process to take longer when the brain wasn't conscious. This didn't make Urtho happy, so he started working on his own design that worked better with less pain. It took him years, but he finally completed the Transformation Matrix that he dreamed of.


Once the first few subjects worked, they sent the rest to the mass evolution working on another process like using gas, or a pill to improve the process or speed it up. The early subjects of the machine were severely traumatized so their memories had to be altered. Now it is part of the process. They still have vague unease whenever they see the logo for the section it is housed in or the technicians that work there. The symbol is feared and hated by anyone affected by the AAC.
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Aug 23, 2022 04:05 by Molly Marjorie

What an interesting (and horrifying!) technology. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the read.

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