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Hy-Altia Mother-Ship

Written by Pookas Kreations

Atlantia’s capital city is actually the Mothership that carried the Atlantean to Aquatica At first it was a place of wonder to all that saw it, but soon became a place of terror when the Atlanteans began to experiment on the young races of the planet. Forcibly evolving them into a form that was useful to them as slave labor. This went on for thousands of years before some of the slaves revolted. Ever after, it has been taboo to go there. The place is considered haunted and very dangerous those that do, either are turned back or never return. What most people don’t know is that Mother and the Acadians are now in control of Hy-Altia, and only those with Krystals can now access the city.

Purpose / Function

It has various uses, transport, housing, laboratories, weapon stations, etc.


After the Acadians took control of the city many things have changed. They have altered it for their own purposes. From the outside this “building” looks like a floating tower. It looks like it is built from stone, but actually it is made from a metallic compound unknown before their arrival.


The city has tall soaring towers with sweeping bridges, many balconies and windows.


Hy-Altia is a city but also a spaceship, it is a megastructure that can traverse space and time if they so wished. It was populated by scientists, military and workers at the height of its power. They used this power to do whatever they wanted and no one could stop them. They controlled access to the city by biological scanners, certain areas were only allowed access to certain areas.
Alternative Names
Altu, Altia
Megastructure, Trans-orbital
Parent Location
Related Ethnicities
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

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