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Atlantean Academy of Science

Written by Pookas Kreations

This organization is all about scientific advancement, with anything they can make money on. To them, magic, psionics, and technology are just different disciplines leading in the same direction. They are all about politics and money and don't care if they ruin people's lives, kill, or destroy ecosystems. It's all about the bottom line, getting ahead of the competitors, winning awards, etc.

Those that work for them are organized in a tier system. The lower tier is little more than slaves, but the better you work the higher you can rise in the system. It's a meritocracy within a plutocracy. The upper echelons make the most money and gain the best benefits. Of course, if they fail in their quota they can still be demoted unless they can give their superiors a plausible scapegoat, they will take it. 

Most Atlanteans look up to or work for the AAS, but anyone that has been subjected to their oversite considers them, arrogant, cruel, and monstrous to the extreme. They commonly take over a site that has resources that they need or want, subjugate its people, then when done, leave the mess for them to clean up if they're still alive. 


  • Administrator
  • Council of Heads (of departments)
  • Assistant department heads
  • foreman
  • technician
  • workers


The AAS is a very controlling organization, it believes that it owns its workers and has that right. It often enslaves natives in the areas that it exploits.

Public Agenda

To make as much money as quickly as it can.


Various science equipment, buildings, its own army, and an armada of ships.

Work hard, earn big

Corporation, Conglomerate
Alternative Names
Leader Title
Parent Organization
Subsidiary Organizations
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