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Galactic Council of Genetics

Written by Pookas Kreations

This organization is a group of scientists that perform genetic research as well as a smattering of other fields, like robotics. Their home office is on the Atlantean homeworld, but they have branches in various galaxies.   Those they experiment on, are considered to be little more than animals. Many start out as normal animals but then are commonly "uplifted", thus altering their physiology to suit the needs of the Council.   The scientists that came to Atlantia, on the Mother-Ship were from the Council. They are the ones that caused the atrocities that led to the The Chaos Wars.


Director, assistant director, supervisor, foreman, team lead, specialist, team members. There are three sections within the organization: administrative, research, and development.


The Council lets any race join that follows their ethics and standards of their society. Anyone with the training and connections can join the organization and create a branch office to perform their own research. They espouse the advancement of science and of society, but in principle could care less as long as money lines their pockets and fame is gained.

Public Agenda

The advancement of science.


This is one of the most favored organizations of the Atlantean homeworld. They have almost unlimited funds, as long as they produce what is needed, the money flows in. Workers, slaves, robots, weapons, among others.


They started out as just one section in the Ministry of Science (the R & D), because of their success they were elevated to their own organization.


Some worlds have interdicted the council because of their unethical (to their view) practices with their test subjects.


Everyone except the lowest members have to be trained in one branch of science or another. The better trained, the higher the rank in the organization. The administrative branch is the only exception.

Advancement above all.

Corporation, Research & Development
Alternative Names
GCG, atlantean council of science, atlantean council of genetics, acs, acg,
Predecessor Organization
Training Level
Leader Title
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Parent Organization

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