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My Beloved Amisra Krislar

Written by Pookas Kreations

This is a portrait of Urtho the Wise's beloved wife Amisra Krislar that was left behind when he shifted dimensions. She had an ethereal beauty and compassion that was there for all to see. Amisra had long, wavy, silky platinum blond hair; a narrow, elfin face, a pert nose, almond eyes, and slim pointed ears.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The only thing that this disc does is to store and emit the hologram.

Manufacturing process

It is manufactured similar to any silicone or other crystalline style circuit board type technology.


This disc was created so Urtho could carry a picture of his wife in his travels.


It is his only link to his past.
Item type
Current Location
Current Holder
Related Technologies
Owning Organization
One of a kind
1 oz
Raw materials & Components
This is a crystalline disc that can produce a holographic 3D portrait of Amisra Krislar.

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