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Mathurin Thayronal

Written by Pookas Kreations

Administrator Mathurin Thayronal (a.k.a. Mat)

Mathurin is the Administrator of the Atlantean Academy of Science assigned to Aquatica. For hundreds of years, he enjoyed largess on Atlantia Continent. Under his leadership, they made lots of money for the company. He was hated and feared by most people he encountered, and he had few friends here.    He wrote the rules and strategies for their operation here on Aquatica. One of his assistants was the one that had the idea to evolve the natives into a slave workforce forcibly. Many technicians were thrilled by the chance to genetically alter new life forms, but some left instead of impinging their honor. For this, he demoted them and sent them home in disgrace.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is tall and thin almost emaciated. He has been taught only to eat what is needed and nothing more. Also abstaining from anything that is harmful to his body such as drugs or alcohol.

Physical quirks

He doesn't like to be touched, and seems to receive physical pain from it.

Special abilities

He has psionics and excels at using it, he enjoys making his underlings squirm.

Apparel & Accessories

Long flowing robes in conservative colors with the AAC patch on his left breast.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Mathurin came from a wealthy family so he didn't start at the bottom of the rung, he was given a midrange administrative job starting out. By working hard, he scaled the ladder quickly. He is obsessed with control, everything had to be his way, and had to know everything.


He received all the best education, and he excelled at it all, partly because of his Eiditic Memory .

Personality Characteristics


To gain power, earn money, and make scientific breakthroughs.
emerald green
raven black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
light tan
6' 2"
Waken, God of Wealth, Commerce, and Business
Aligned Organization

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