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Eiditic Memory

Written by Pookas Kreations

This is a type of total recall, some people call it a curse because they can't forget this information without extreme difficulty. They can remember anything that they've seen as if it was a photograph. Being able to look at it from any angle, turn and even zoom in, etc.    This is usually found in children and rarely in adults, but those that are geniuses, or with extreme mental abilities. This is not restricted to sights but also sounds, smells, and other stimuli. Some recall this information as if they are currently seeing it, while others remember is as a picture or page from a book.    The best savants, sages, scientists, mages, and others in similar professions often have this condition. Some people think that it's just part of their training or that they inherited it from their ancestors. It can be a blessing or a curse, all depending on if they learn how to relax their mind, and if they can not remember things.   Many with this condition have problems interacting with others. Some even have problems communicating their feelings and making themselves understood outside their field. At times this condition even makes them susceptible to other ones.   Some people with this condition are only able to use it with one type of subject such as math, art, music, magic, aeronautics, etc. Any other type of information wouldn't be remembered. They could even be considered idiot savants, or even unintelligent people.    For those who have studied the condition, it is thought that their brains either had a special composition or that they were tampered with or altered somehow by either the Atlanteans or another high tech race.

Cultural Reception

Sometimes these people are looked at oddly, while others are treasured for this ability.

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