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Atlantia Continent

Written by Pookas Kreations

Atlantia is the Home-base of the Atlanteans, Atlans, centaurs, the Travelers and Wild Elves, among others.


Before the arrival of the Atlanteans, this was a lush and fertile continent that was quadrisected by 4 rivers, one at each of the cardinal directions. In the center of the continent was a lake that welled up from deep underground, the rivers all flowed either into or out of this lake. Atlantia was covered in every terrain imaginable including forests, plains, hills, jungles, and swamps.

When they arrived, they landed by the lake at the center of the continent, a deep crack formed to reveal a huge cavern. Upon exploring the cavern, a large grouping of crystals was discovered. After their arrival, they created concentric rings that bisected every river and created moats to split the land into sections. These sections were used for their experiments, mining and industrial areas. They changed the face of the continent to serve their own purposes.

After the Chaos Wars, Atlantia has mostly returned to how it once looked but the lake in the center was changed into a Cataract, now the water that bubbled up from deep in the earth has another outlet far away and the excess water from the ocean and elsewhere flows in reverse and down into the recesses of the earth. Many of the moats have been filled in with detritus over the centuries after the fall of the Atlanteans. In other places, the moats have begun to be claimed by the sea because of sea levels rising.

Above all is the floating mountain fortress/city of the Atlantean Overseers. In the past, this island was constructed with ring moats, canals, bridges. Over the years these have become blocked and filled.  In the center of today's' Atlantia appears to be a circular, terraced mountain or step pyramid floating above the Cataract of the Endless Falls.   Atlantia is covered with various terrain including grasslands, mountains, volcanoes, swamp, desert, forest, badlands, rolling hills, mangrove swamps, badlands, chasms and beaches. There are many: rivers, streams, waterfalls, steam vents, delta, lakes, and ponds.

Fauna & Flora

Their are a variety of flora and fauna, more so than before the coming of the Atlanteans. Many creatures were forcibly evolved and bred to be slave labor, beasts of burden or food. Even the plants weren't spared.

Natural Resources

The Atlanteans stripped many useful resources for themselves and to ship off-world, many are still left because they saw no use in them. In many places, Atlantia is still contaminated from the after-affects of the Chaos Wars. There are various plants living here, but many are stunted, twisted or poisonous in these areas. Of course, there are some almost untouched or healed areas. As a result of some of the surviving Atlantians using their skills to heal instead of harm.   Wood, water, ore are some of the available resources.
Alternative Name(s)
Isle of the Atlanteans, Azltan
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Some Atlanteans and their descendants, the Atlan, survived the Chaos Wars. Other races that live here are centaurfolk, gypsy halflings, and wild elves. Most humans here were wiped out during the Chaos Wars. Since they were no longer receiving a manufactured drug from the Atlanteans; they degenerated into animalistic cavemen.   There are a variety of animals and chaos mutants throughout this land. The northern tips at times also have Mu and Lycan training there.

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