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Choosing Day

Written by Pookas Kreations

This is an important day for children who come of age to be chosen for an apprenticeship. They are usually between 8-10 years old, but sometimes as young as 6.


In their years of schooling before this, they have been tested for aptitude, skills, and abilities pertaining to job types. The masters, their parents, and guilds all have a say in the choice, even the clergymen of their town and area.


Everyone’s name and job title are placed in a hat or similar receptacle. This is a big affair for the children and is treated like a party with food, presents, and even games.


Everyone is given a job, even if it is only a street sweeper or messenger. Some are even sent for further schooling if needed for the chosen job. After the choosing, gifts are given, usually pertaining to the new job, a feast is enjoyed, then they are led away by their new teacher.


This Astralus began the tradition during the rebuilding after the The Chaos Wars, to help the people with their recovery. It made schooling, and food free, as well as gave everyone a job.


Every culture handles the ceremony differently, sometimes even between tribes. There is always a choice, gift-giving, and a party. In some societies, this does not happen until they finish school, and become an adult at graduation. Some jobs require mature minds to do it.


The master of ceremonies is usually the Mayor, chieftain, or other civil ruler and the recipients.


This is usually celebrated on New Year's Eve, but just like on how it is observed, this depends on the nation.
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