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The Chaos Wars

Written by Pookas Kreations

This is a chaotic time in the history of Aquatica when the major powers fought over control of the world. The two main powers, the Atlanteans and the Astralus, both travelers from out-system fought over the right of the Atlanteans to experiment, forcibly evolve and enslave the native life.

The Conflict


The Astralus, cousins to the Atlanteans parleyed with them to try to come to a peaceful resolution to what they considered to be a series of atrocities being willfully committed to soon to be sentient races.


World wide, but usually pockets at a time.


The whole world of Aquatica.


Wild magic storms, magic contamination, dimension shifts, gravity shifts, environmental disasters, temporal shifts, among others.


The slave rebellion, Wild Magic storms and the effects they caused.


De-evolution of the Humans of Atlantia, caused by withdrawal of GSD.

Historical Significance

This war is caused chaos throughout the world, no corner is being left untouched. So much magic was used that it caused many wild magic storms and side effects. Some included: dimension shifts, gravity shifts, environmental disasters, temporal shifts, among others.

The war has finally ended, no one won the war that broke the world. The Chaos War lasted for over 100 years and many of the effects are still being felt.


The uplift, awakening and alteration of many animals on Aquatica. The fall of the Atlantean Empire.
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Included Conflicts
Conflict Type
Military Campaign
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
The breaking of the world.


The Atlantean Empire
The Astralus Collective


The charisma to draw those needed to help their cause.


A large sampling of the majority of the races on Aquatica.
Few Astralus were harmed, but many of the allied rebels.


The stripping of all wanted resources of the planet, the forwarding of their scientific agenda and their search for knowledge.
To stop the Atlantean Empires atrocities against the natives of Aquatica.

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Author's Notes

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