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Written by Pookas Kreations

Avalonia is the land of the Elvenkind. Home to the Astralus, Elves, Wild Elves, and sylvan folk.


Most of Avalonia is covered in trees, the groves are lovingly tended. Trees are widely spaced; they are so large that the branches are like roads. Tree houses are nestled between, with ladders and bridges spread throughout. Most of the trees have consciousness and can speak with telepathy. The largest trees are able to shift internally to create hollows for others to shelter in, they draw power from subterranean ley lives and use it for protection.

There are four large cities throughout Avalonia. They are Hy Lyoness, Hy Ellyss, Kailmyra, and Hy Thulin. The seafolk also have a city outside of the lagoon, called Poseidos.

To the north, is a large crater and above this is the Astralus World Tree, surrounded by a wall of clouds. It is out-of-phase with the rest of the world. At the southern end of the island is the Lagoon of the Seafolk, it is a nursery of their young and infirm. To the West is Slitheria, the East Animus, and the South Hyna Yilane.

Fauna & Flora

There are a variety of plants and animals that live here. They don't live in fear as in other places. They are nurtured lovingly here, even if at times they are eaten, they are not made to suffer beforehand. At times of plenty when their are too many animals for the current plantlife to support, they go to certain trees and wait to be harvested for the good of the many.

Natural Resources

They are rich in natural resources. Unlike most places, mining is done safely and by those trained to cause no harm. Molefolk and other natural miners often gather minerals and barter for what they require.

Alternative Name(s)
Elfhame, Hy-Avalonis
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