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The Myth of Llyn Alba

Written by Pookas Kreations

This is a myth about the lake below Ynys Avalon.


The lake is haunted by an unknown force that can control the fog swirling around the lake. Those that have ventured onto the lake often get lost in the fog, turned around, and sent back to shore. If they actually make it to the island, they usually pass out and wake up on the lakeshore with no memory of the elapsed time. Whatever lives on the island has subtle powers that can make you see things that aren't there, and control your mind getting you to do things you aren't aware of doing.

Historical Basis

The Astralus encouraged the myth from the beginning. One person was on the island picking apples, when the first person rowed out onto the lake, she activated the fog to disorient and turn him around. Her superiors saw how well this worked. So, they stationed some of their people below on the island, they were ordered to stay ethereal and act as ghosts and spirits. These people control the "mist machine, that is housed in the tower."


In the beginning the myth was only known around the current area, although later it spread throughout the continent.

Variations & Mutation

Like many stories, details change with each telling, it also depends on who was on duty at the time and how they handled the incursion.

Cultural Reception

Many people are scare and/or superstitious of the lake and island. It has almost become a racial memory for those that live in the area. A few times the guardian have allowed themselves to be seen and/or let people they see as worthy to set foot on the island. Some of these people were welcomed up into the city. The people that were able to acclimate to Ynys Avalon  often marry into the Astralus , and in this way the various tribes of the Elves were born. The Aquatic Elf and the Wild Elves were the only exception to this. The aquatic elves, actually arrived on the ship with them to Aquatic. Wild Elves are a cross between gnomes and the Astralus.
The Astralus created this myth to gradually get the people of the area used to the knowledge of them living above them.
Date of First Recording
950 CR
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