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Ophir Arcology

Written by Pookas Kreations

The Ophir arcology is an enormous building that's outer surface is either plated with gold or sheathed with gold bricks.

Purpose / Function

Ophir means land of gold and oversees many mines surrounding and within the structure itself. Orphir is located near the western coast of Avalonia‌. It was built here because gold and other similar ores are used to power the Astralus‌s' worldship. She is a bio-technological being that needs the resources of Ophir and similar locations. Many tunnels were excavated to shuttle the materials to staging grounds beneath the ship and transported from there.

The Astralus are very skilled in metallurgy, engineering and are very ecologically conscious. They run a clean and economical operation. It is rare that anyone is injured or killed while working in the mines, forges, or smelters, as safety rules are very strict in order to keep everyone safe.

It is an idyllic location, over the years the Orphirians hollowed out the mountain by carving various levels, warehouses, work, and living areas. The area around the arcology is rich in all metals and various minerals. Gold, silver, orichulum are common here.


Many alterations have been made to improve the efficiency of operation. New mines are opened as old ones are closed.


The building appears as a combination of a pyramid combined with arcs, domes, ripples, and other architectural designs. Every surface is carved with basreliefs and natural patterns.


The arcology has many defenses, the most important is their telepathic deterrent shield, they also have robots and hollow ones as security.


The arcology used to be a mountain surrounded by foothills, rolling hills, plains, a lake, and a river.  Tunnel worms are common to this area, as well as the normal burrowing creatures like invertebrates, rodents, snakes, etc.
Alternative Names
Arcology / Residential Complex
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
The ecosystem around the arcology hasn't been harmed in any way, the mining practices used aren't harmful to native wildlife or surrounding areas. The miners use telepathy to urge nearby inhabitants to vacate the area so they are not harmed by accident in the process. During the original excavation, the miners discovered a lifeform that creates its own tunnels and leaves behind what it doesn't like, namely certain metals like gold. Some miners have even trained them to deliver the gold in piles where their "friends" can find them. In exchange, they are given "treats" that they like, namely calcium, mica, and similar minerals.

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