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House of Brigid (House of Breej)

Written by Pookas Kreations

The House of Brigid began as a Shrine to their patron the Goddess Brigid (originally her hut). There are walls surrounding the compound, but it is not enclosed, people and animals can freely travel at need. The walls are really only a border to show the extent of the grounds which encompass 4 miles of woods, ponds, streams, Kildare Hill, and various other natural landmarks.

Purpose / Function

This is a healing complex, spa, school, hostel, and hospice combined. The healers don't differentiate between animals or people either, because their patroness didn't. No one in need is turned away.


Over the years it has grown into a hospice and finally into a school of healing. The previous components weren’t destroyed only encompassed or added onto by the later constructions.


The architecture has elements that are a mixture of Sylvan and Elven styles. Brigid's original hut has a wooden structure, wattle and dab walls, and a turf roof that reaches the ground. Later buildings are either complete wooden structures or wood-framed but stone-clad buildings. A rare few are made from bricks, these are not very common as they are more expensive than using the native stone as rough cobble that Brigid liked better.  Brigid loved nature, animals, and water, so these are depicted often in carvings and murals. Carvings are mostly of wood, clay, or tile and often are portrayed in bright colors.


Originally, Brigid's hut was the only building on this location, later it evolved into her shrine after she went in search of her teacher.


Many people travel to the Shrine, spa, and hospice in search of healing or while on pilgrimage. The spa is more frequented by nobles and well-to-do personages, while the shrine and hospice are for commoners.
Alternative Names
School of the Sacred Flame, Brigid's House of Healing, House of the Sacred Well, House of the Sacred Flame, Kildara
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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