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Ynys Avalon

Written by Pookas Kreations

A location shrouded in mist, myth, and legend. Over the centuries as refugees of the Atlantean atrocities fled to settle here, legends grew over the few glimpses of Avalon that were eventually seen. Many thought them tall tales, lies, or daydreams, but some were drawn to discover the truth.


This area is surrounded by plains and forests. Below the city is an island with an apple grove. The water is fresh, with a spring rising from below the island.

Localized Phenomena

Mist always surrounds Avalon, and its island. Oddly in the center in a clearing of the apple grove, it is clear.

Fauna & Flora

Many magical and fae creatures live here, some arrived with the Astralus, but others flocked here to hide from the Chaos Wars. Astralus, prefer to live with nature, nurturing and guiding it rather than destroying it. Many tree singers live among them.


Ynys Avalon arrived not long after the Atlanteans. They came to rest above a young-growth forest on the continent that became known as Avalonia. Not long after their arrival, they planted a grove of apples and dug a moat to create an island for their security. In the center of the apple grove is a stone tower, that looks like it was poured, not built.   When they arrived, there were no sentient beings living on the continent, only animals. Over the years, as the Atlantean atrocities began, some of the individuals of the uplifted races that escaped made their way to Avalonia.   Except for their children and those that traveled with them here like the aquatic elves, their secrets are known by few. The inhabitants are cousins to the Atlanteans and came to curtain the worst of their atrocities.
The mist that surrounds their island and city only lift every 7 years, at other times only those with the astral subtype can see or travel there. Most of the time Avalon fades in and out of the Material and Astral Plane.
Alternative Name(s)
Hy-Braseal, alba, Avalon, abal, elysium, email a black, tir na nog, Glastonbury.
Island, Floating
Location under
Owning Organization
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