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Circle of Women

The Circle of Women is an organization of Priestesses, Druid, sorcerers, etc that follow various water, creation, and healing Goddesses, various other deities are included as well. The sect that meets underwater create, protect, and operate the Vario Grotto Creche . They make sure that the locations are a secret that only those I need know of, and are guarded when in use. The The Waveriders that guard the caves are mostly female, so males never learn their secret. Males that do discover the location have a veil of forgetfulness cast on them and a gaes so if they do remember, they can’t tell anyone. Airis, one of the first of the circle, asked Dana to help the find a safe place to have a protected birth. Beforehand, they had to find an on land protective lagoon or sea cave with no amenities and no guarantee of safety.  Thankfully, Dani heard their plea and so she created the first Vario Grotto Creche, near the Capital of Aquanaut. She also taught them a ritual, via a vision, on how to create new caves.


This is a loose organization of various religious and affiliated groups, that have a similar purpose in life. They are not strict like some similar organizations, but more of a family group or clan.

The Goddess provides.

The original circle was small with only three members, but has grown to the thousands as their population boomed with the increased water levels.
Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
Children of Danu, Daughters of the Sea.
Leader Title
Parent Organization
Subsidiary Organizations
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities
One cave in the complex always has the “airy water” spell infused on its walls to allow the newborns to breathe air until they’re strong enough to breathe water.

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