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First Sister

Written by Pookas Kreations

The original First Sister was Airis Brightwave. She was chosen by Danu, Goddess of the Sea at her birth. She recruited other women after creating the first Vario Grotto Creche.

When she recruited more than three people that followed the goddess Danu, they began the Circle of Sisters which eventually opened the Church of Danu. They celebrated rituals during the ties of the full moons, solstice, esbat, conjunction, and even special tides.

They can be hereditary, elected, chosen by the First Sister, or by the Danu herself. Oftentimes Danu sends the First Sister a dream to help her choose her successor. They can be chosen from the nearby area or farther afield. Airis was the first, she chose Danus s her successor and has been training her since she entered the novitiate. She also has a special connection to Danu and her waters.


The goddess Danu or one of her priestesses chooses her.


Able to commune with Danu. A good person, shows the good attributes that Danu admires.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Retirement, Danu removes her, the circle of women votes her down, or Death.

Notable Holders

Airis Brightwave
She is Danu’s hand and passes her message to others at need. Of course, any of the others of the pantheon can talk to her, but some what to choose their own liaisons.
Religious, Clerical
This is the most honored rank in the Church of Danu and among her followers. She is the closest to Danu that any of them can hope to achieve.
Danu herself created the position.
Form of Address
First Sister
Alternative Naming
Sister, Chosen, Chosen of Danu
Equates to
The Primate of another religion. The head of any organized religion.
Source of Authority
Goddess Danu
Length of Term
First Holder
Current Holders
Past Holders
Related Locations
Related Organizations

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