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Written by Pookas Kreations

First Sister Airis Brightwave

Airis is the priestess of Danu that created the Airy Water. She is also the one that received a vision from Danu, Goddess of the Sea, on how to create the Vario Grotto Creche

A young sea elf, that is dedicated to Danu. She seeks to make life better for the seafolk and all those that live beneath the waves whether born here or sent there from the planes. Airis is also searching for a way to allow them to go home.

Airis is a priestess and elemental sorceress. She excels at anything having to do with water. One of Danu’s favored, they often commune together. She is also the founder of the Circle of Women

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Throughout her life, she had a connection to Danu but didn’t realize it until she left home as an adult. She was exploring the kelp forest outside Aquana, when she met with a young merfolk looking for a safe place to birth her child. 

They decided to look around for a good location, at the same time as praying, meditating and communing with nature and any deities listening. Danu answered Airis with a vision of how to create the first Vario Grotto Creche

Current Location
Circumstances of Birth
Danu visited Airis as she was being born. She was chosen as her future priestess.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light greenish blue
5’ 6”
130 lbs

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