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Written by Pookas Kreations

Oceania is the collective territories of all sea-going races.


Oceania covers all the salt-water areas of Aquatica. There are various aquatic races on the planet, this covers the entirety of their territories. Of course, these are measured on the ocean floor and land-based continents count their territories as encompassing part of the ocean in sight of their land as well. Many of these borders are constantly in conflict.

Fauna & Flora

Any plant or animal that lives in the sea can be found here. Of course, the list below is only a small sampling of what can be found, as well as many mutated versions of the original creatures.
  • Fauna includes shellfish, cetaceans, sharks, fish, arthropods, cephalopods, coral, tube worms, crocodiles, sea mammals, plankton, sea anemone, sea cucumber, worms, etc. 
  • Flora includes kelp, seaweed, seagrass (various), algae (various), sargassum, phytoplankton, mangrove trees, diatoms, sea lettuce, dinoflagellates.

Natural Resources

This is too varied to name them all, but include habitat, space, food, ore, and gems.
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