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Hall of Petitions

Written by Pookas Kreations

The Hall of Petitions is a building that allows people to voice their grievances or ask for boons. Depending on the importance, this can be heard by a clerk, lawyer, judge, councilman, governor, etc. If the petitioner requests someone of a high rank to hear his request, he must make an appointment. These are listened to on different days, by the various officers depending on who is available, and what the case entails.   The "hall" is a long keyhole-shaped building, the long portion is for the people waiting and the circular back is for the judge, lawyer, or quorum. The waiting area is full most days, there are benches along the walls and standing room. The judge is appointed by the local lord, while the other employees are local hires or volunteers.

Purpose / Function

This is a special building created for the purpose of hearing petitions and the requesting of boons.


The hallway is 80 ft long and 40 ft wide. The circle of justice is 40 ft in diameter.


There are multiple entries in the hallway/waiting room, the circle has one entry for the judge, and multiple for the other staff.


Atlantean, Atlan, Human, Halfling, etc

Contents & Furnishings

The waiting room has many chairs and benches for the petitioners to sit. The circle has a central seat for the judge or high official, middle seats for the lawyers, and long benches for the jurors.

Special Properties

In need, the Judge and legal team can invoke a Truth spell to either compel or read the truth in the case.


Offices for legal clerks and other employees were added as the building gained more use after the freedom they gained with the end of the The Chaos Wars.


From the outside, the hall looks like a cathedral with an enclosed colonnade leading up to it. There are also a few outbuildings to support the staff and a wayhouse that petitioners can stay in if their petition takes longer than a day. The wayhouse serves meals and has lodging for man and beast.


The Justiciars provide guards for halls in various districts. This is in case the petitioners get rowdy.


Many Halls were built, so the petitioners don't have to travel for minor petitions to be heard.
Alternative Names
Legal House, Hall of Justice
Ministry / City hall
Parent Location
Environmental Effects
In the Circle, when a lie is told the circle below the petitioner glows red, when the truth is told it glows blue. If the petition is private or of a highly personal nature, the door can be closed and veiled so no one outside can see or hear what is said inside.
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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