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The Everflowing Falls: Natural Wonder

Written by Pookas Kreations

This area used to be called Bottomless Cataract in the far past. Over the centuries since the Atlantean race has left, it has changed significantly. The water has continued to flow, because either no one knew how to turn it off or didn't care. [It doesn't matter to the Krystal race, in fact, it keeps others out of their way.]  


Many consider it the greatest natural beauty of the World. It has a wild beauty, but as with many untouched places, it has its own dangers. Part of its dangers are the lethal rip currents, whirlpools, sinkholes, electric shock hazards in certain areas, cold temperatures, and many others. Above the water, the air currents are no less dangerous, with currents that can throw anyone into the air or down to the water, side currents can also throw them into the cliffs. A variety of primitive aerial life live here as well. Everything from primitive flying reptiles, birds, and a few draconic cousins. 

Overall this is a natural beauty best seen from a distance. People from around the world have come to witness this wild beauty. Tourists often come on airships or overland transportation to enjoy it. As long as they stay away from Hy-Altia territory, it is well marked and is avoided by most as they consider it cursed.


This is a large depression on the western side of the Atlantian continent. It was created when the Atlantean Mothership landed and fell through the dome of the cave far below the surface. In the present day, it's half-filled with water, as there seems to be an outlet, probably a subterranean cave system.


This large cave was originally created by a depression that was formed when Akaki was thrown to the surface, she punctured a magma chamber so was covered with a dome of lava. Just before she was totally enclosed, she was able to create a forcefield to form a cave over her head to protect her children. After the lava solidified, she released the field. 

The cave gradually dissolved around them, because of the weakening of some of the limestone in the surrounding area. This allowed slightly acidic groundwater to flow into the cracks, which allowed cavities and eventually caves and tunnels to form. Much of this water eventually evaporated from the heat coming from the magma chamber below. 

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