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It is a valley town built in a cleft between two mountain ranges. Guarding a high pass, it is also the staging point for various precious gem and metal mines. The first to be discovered was diamonds with adamantine, and Mithral soon after.

After these commodities were discovered, the town boomed just short of a city. Seedy elements soon followed, even a small branch of the syndicate calling themselves the Death Gang.

The town is mostly populated by the working class: merchants, miners, farmers, etc. These were easy prey for the gang and the local guard were little help, as most were on their payroll (or part of the gang themselves).

In the early days Glimmervale was a beautiful town, but its gone down hill since the Doom Brings took over. As they revel in death, destruction and chaos.


A variety of races live in Glimmervale, including Elves, Earth Dwarf, Halfling, Atlans, and various others.


The town was bought out by the mining guild when the mines were proven. They made so much profit, that they were able to buy the town many times over. Of course, this brought attention to the wrong crowd.


There is a curtain wall (between the mountains), and guard towers around the town.

Industry & Trade

The mines and support for them more than pay for the upkeep of the town.


Everything needed for the mines, foundries, smithies, and any support needed.


Mining, jewelry, foundry, and smithy equipment, warehouses, train yards, etc.

Guilds and Factions

Mining and jeweler subguild.


The town was built with a mix of cultural styles, oddly clashing in places as dwarves, elves and halflings have very different styles of architecture.


Glimmervale is a valley tucked into a cleft of two mountain ranges.

Natural Resources

All types of ores, various minerals, and jewels. Forests, agricultural foods, a multitude of game animals, and fish. Plentiful water.
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