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Written by Pookas Kreations

Eureka is a mining town located not far from Glimmervale, in the same mountain range. None of the mine tunnels connect, so there's no problem with safety concerns.

Various minerals are extracted from this location. The main ore is silver, but titanium, orichulum, and various others in high demand are found as well. 


Earth Dwarf, packrats, Atlans, and various others.


The mining guild runs the town, they are the de facto government. Most of the stores are owned and ran by them, but not all.


THey have a large security contingent and the miners can be called up as a militia.


Bunkhouse, saloon, restaurant, cafe, general store, mill, smithy, bank, etc.

Guilds and Factions

Mining Guild


Originally known as Ruby Hollow, and home to a few independent inter-related families. They were soon bought out by the Mining Guild some think forcibly, but as the family isn't talking no one knows for sure. Walter Finch, made the first claim, he called his family to help stake his claim and keep it. 

The Finch family discovered a type of huge "worm" that tunnels through rock searching for limestone and other types of rock and minerals. The ones that they can't digest are left in its tunnels as a trail behind it. This actually made it easier to mine, because the tunnels left behind were composed of soft deposits that were easy to clear out and its droppings were the types of minerals that they wanted to mine. Oddly, it bypassed the orichulum as it gave them indigestion. 


The mine is located in a dense area of highly desired minerals and ores. Eureka is situated in a rough mountainous country that is hard to get to with wheeled vehicles, four-legged transportation is a must.

Natural Resources

The surrounding area is covered in cedar and Douglas fir forests, as well as maple, willow, and others. The hills abound in wildlife of all types.
Alternative Name(s)
Ruby Hollow
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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