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Altia City

Written by Pookas Kreations

Atlantia is the city that formed underneath Hy-Altia Mother-Ship. They were often called the lower and upper cities. Only the lower class Atlantean, Atlans, and the best trusted of the subject races were allowed to live in this city. The rest of the slaves, lived on the outskirts of the city in their own quarters. They mostly lived near where they worked. 

Most of the supplies that the upper city needed were passed through the lower city. It had all the warehouses, stores, merchant houses, and everything else a city needs. Atlantia looked like most of the ideas of what Atlantis looked like, with concentric rings of water, land, and the upper city floating above it. [/p}

The walls of each ring were decorated in different smelted ore and oriculum. The first was copper, the second silver, the third electrum, the fourth was gold with designs in Oriculum.


In the beginning, lower rank Atlanteans, Atlans, and trusted subject races lived here. In current times, some few surviving Atlanteans live here as well as Atlans , and a variety of other races (that are not superstitious).


In the past, it was run like most Roman cities, and was ruled by a Prelate, and/or a city council. The rules were strict and punishments severe, but it was also clean and crime-free. As long as you followed the rules and didn't cause any problems, you were free to do anything you wanted. In present day, its not much different except for the rulers.


There aren't many defenses left from the time of the Atlanteans, the forcefield and advanced weaponry were all destroyed. One of the only things left is the locks that drained the water rings, and drawbridge. Medieval catapults, trebutette, and ballista have been added, as well as a pteranadon or dragonkin mounted air core.

Industry & Trade

They are known for their agriculture, leatherworking, trained messenger birds, and air mounts, and pure water.


This is a very well built city, most of the original structures have survived except what was destroyed in the war. The waterwheels on the waterfalls still give power to the city. The windmills, solar panels, roads, sewers, bridges are all still in use and in good repair. Although, anything that runs on computers or advanced technology are anathema to many of the present-day inhabitants. As they consider it evil magic, that should have left with the Atlanteans. Most of the simple technology that is still in good condition, because those that maintained the services, kept up their job and passed it down to their children.

Guilds and Factions

Known Guilds are mining, farming, crafts, animal husbandry, and many others.


People come to see the The Everflowing Falls: Natural Wonder, and those who want to see where the evil Atlanteans landed.
Alternative Name(s)
Lower city, merchant city, ring city
4,000 in its heyday, currents probably less than 1,000 because most are too superstitious to get near it.
Related Ethnicities
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under

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