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Written by Pookas Kreations

Oriculum is the crystallized by-product of the dust created by the wild magic storms during the The Chaos Wars . The rain that has evaporated carries it to the upper atmosphere where it's been frozen by the cold of space. Some have been falling as rain, which has been funneled deep in the earth where its properties change depending on which element it settles near.


Material Characteristics

In its raw form it appears to be a crystallized ore, that's color depends on what is has developed near, like metals, elements, ore, etc. Some correspondences are: fire, earth, air or water.

Physical & Chemical Properties

When smelted correctly this ore has the ability to enhance, store, deflect, absorb and release magical/psionic power. This can be used in various ways, some scientists have discovered that it can be used to extend life, power devices and vehicles. A few are experimenting on using them like soul gems, to store trapped souls or elementals and as energy shields.


The crystallized by-product of the excessive use of powerful magic.

Geology & Geography

Oriculum can be found almost anywhere on Aquatica. It is commonly found near gold, silver or platinum.

Life & Expiration

Left to itself, the dust is a very volatile substance, it has radioactive and/or resonant properties. Refined and formed into Oriculum stones it becomes stable, but when exposed to extreme heat these properties can become dangerous. Properly shielded, the harmful effects are lessened almost completely, but being in its presence too long can cause mutations whether good or bad.   It can store its power almost infinitely if used sparingly or when recharged regularly (think a battery).

History & Usage


Dieter Brightstone discovered and named the oriculum near the end of the The Chaos Wars . Although it took many years for him to perfect its crystal form and use in technology.

Everyday use

There are many uses of Oriculum, crystals, metal alloys for weapons, armor, clothes and magic items. It can be used as batteries or generators in most Sky Gnome technology.

Cultural Significance and Usage

The discovery and creation of Oriculum changed Sky Gnome society. They now have a ready source of energy and protection. Without the need to burn fossil fuels or only rarely.

Industrial Use

The formation of power crystals (Sky Stones), alloys and textiles.


It can be used in its dust or crystal form, but isn't as stable or powerful. Refinement allowed the creation of an alloy or stone form.

Manufacturing & Products

Most technology that needs a power source, magic items, arms and armor.


Refinement actually makes it more stable, it is very volatile in its natural form.

Environmental Impact

This discovery, changed their technological advancement from the discovery of petroleum based products. Oriculum is much cleaner and safer.

Reusability & Recycling

Yes, in any of its refined forms it can either be recharged, melted down and reused, or turned into smaller stones/crystals.


Trade & Market

Sky Gnome are very particular about who they sell their Oriculum to. Not to distributors only to individuals.


The generators need to be air, water or magically cooled or they can overheat in the equatorial areas of Aquatica.

Law & Regulation

The Sky Gnome keep the creation process a secret. If a stone needs to be replaced for any reason, then it needs to be brought back to exchange it for a new one.


There are many theories on the origins of oriculum. The main one is that the wild magic dust undergoes a chemical process in the upper atmosphere that causes it to crystallize into a new form that freezes it into this form until the smelting process allows the components to be changed again.

Prices very: a small crystal battery 10 gp, medium 20 gp, large 40 gp; sky stone generator 100-1000 gp (depending on its output, arms and armor are treated as twice the price as mithral with the same properties.
Oriculum is fairly common throughout Aquatica, but Sky Stones are at a premium anywhere besides the [Skylands ](location:44d5c62d-9f3e-418a-b146-ac.
Depends on what element it developed near.
  • Fire--red
  • Earth--brown
  • Air--light blue
  • Water--deep blue
Common State
Crystallized powder, crystal or ore.
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