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Brightstone Industries

Written by Pookas Kreations

Brightstone Industries was built by Dieter's grandsons.They hold one of the most powerful and prolific enterprises in the Skylands.


They are based on a guild structure, and are consummate businessmen.

Public Agenda

To get Sky Stone devices in as many homes as possible, so they need to keep coming back.


Sky Ships, sky trains, manufacturing plants, warehouses, oriculum mines, smelters, silver, gold, mithril, etc.


After Dieter Brightstone died, his grandsons built Brightstone Enterprises. They decided that their grandfather had such a good idea, that they would keep it in the family.

Building it up was a gradual process, but they turned Dieter's small workshop into a nationwide manufacturing conglomerate.The family decided to make this a monopoly and haven't shared the creation process of Sky Stones, or many of their other inventions with anyone outside the family. Although many sky gnomes consider this to be un-gnome-like. For some of their lesser inventions, they have leased out franchises at a high premium.

Who makes the tech, holds the coin.

Founding Date
Guild, Craftsmen
Alternative Names
Sky Gnomes
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members

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Author's Notes

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