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Zero Point Module

Written by Pookas Kreations

This is a device that collects Zero Point Energy, and stores this energy in a battery. A battery can be placed in various devices, generators, and can also be used to power buildings, ships, and vehicles.


The module can "charge" up to 4 batteries at once. It is a cylindrical device, that the four batteries can be mounted in slots around the outside.


It was originally designed by the Astralus, but coopted by the High Atlanteans. This happened long before they arrived on Aquatica. The Sky Gnome  adapted this technology to their own uses, just like many others.


The batteries are very powerful, as well as controversial, some believe that the energy that they tap into can harm the dimension that it comes from. The easiest way to gather this energy is to tap into an "energy plume" that erupts from that dimension.

Some believe that a new dimension is created every time that they tap into a new plume or create a micro wormhole to bleed the energy off.

Item type
Power Storage / Generator
Current Location
Owning Organization
2 lbs
10 x 20 (diameter by length)
Base Price
200 gp
Raw materials & Components
The housing of this machine is made of an exotic mithral laced with Oriculum. This makes the housing very strong as well as good at shielding from the Zero Point Energy.
Basic engineering tools are used to manufacture this item as well as special Magitech Technology ones.
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