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Zero Point Battery

Written by Pookas Kreations

These are the batteries that contain zero-point energy. They are very powerful and are very useful in high technology machines and are often used to power large cities. They are one of the most powerful energy sources available to science.

Sky Gnomes have also found ways to harness telluric or solar energy in these batteries as well, although it is not as powerful as zero-point energy. When the battery is powered it glows blue.


The original materials used for its creation are unknown, but the current ones are a type of crystalline Oriculum.


They are used in anything that needs a long-lasting and powerful output.

Social Impact

The manufacturing of these has created many jobs.
Parent Technologies
Oskyr Zimmerman helped create the technology that merged the Atlantean technology with the Sky Gnome.
Access & Availability
After the reverse engineering and testing of this technology, many of these items have become available for open use for those that could afford them.
The technology is actually very simple, but the process of making them is in-depth and expensive.
Oskyr Zimmerman discovered a downed Atlantean assault ship and salvaged some of the electronics aboard to reverse engineer the items for use in the Sky Gnomes own technological repertoire.
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