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Written by Pookas Kreations

Aether is a substance that is mostly unknown to all but Star Weavers. It is thought to exist on a “hyperplane or etherial/etheric plane” above the Prime Material Plane. It is believed that this is where Ascended beings dwell, it links to the Astral Plane and Plane of Air as well.


Material Characteristics

Aether is a silvery-blue gas that fills the Etheric plane, it swirls around as if agitated by background wind. It is comfortably warm, but also makes you think that someone is watching over your shoulder.

Physical & Chemical Properties

It is the vital, life-sustaining force of all living beings, present throughout the universe. Also called ether, luminiferous aether, quintessence, the fifth element, astral energy, odic fluid, prana, chi, or etheric energy. Some call it the pure essence that the gods breathe. It means to burn, shine, or god’s breath. Aether binds all other elements together. It allows control over elemental, spiritual, and primordial forces. Some consider it as “divine power”, and that users gain god-like power.

Scientists think that the empty spaces between subatomic particles, and dark matter is thought to be aether. It is thought to be one of the main components of solar wind and flares. Aether is thought to be the medium that light and electromagnetic waves travel across the universe. It is weightless, transparent, and undetectable to all but those trained to detect it. Some scientists believe it to be the raw form of Zero Point Energy, while others say it is closely related but different.

Geology & Geography

The material is mostly found on other planes but can be found anywhere that it wants.

History & Usage



Max Heindel was the first scientist on Aquatica to discover aether while meditating on physics. He was said to have been given a vision by the god Aether (primordial titan) and named it for him. Aether is the god of light and the blue ether of the heavens. 

His sons, Hadron and Aspden were the first to have been able to create a solid form of Aether, to allow weapons and other items to be formed.

Everyday use

Max Heindel, his sons, Hadron and Aspden, as well as the founding Star Weavers were the first beings on Aquatica to use Aether.


Overuse of Aether can threaten your life, cause mutations and even kill you.


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Common State
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Jan 30, 2022 11:17 by Paul Fijma

Hi!, my eighth article in the reader challenge. Nice little article. I like the reference to 5th element. (ref. to the movie?) What i find inspiring is the idea that the material makes you think that someone is watching over your shoulder. Never used a material in that sense. Nice :-)

Akimotos, worldbuilder.