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Written by Pookas Kreations

Those who seek enlightenment of the mind, freedom of spirit, and leave their body behind to become beings of pure energy. Ascension is the process that allows a being to leave its physical body behind, and gain eternal life in a different plane of existence. There are many ways to enlightenment: knowledge, charity, good works, evolution, spiritualism, or a combination. Some civilizations work towards ascension as a whole, while others go it alone. Leaders of many religions have sought ascension, although it can be called by various names such as nirvana, ascension, etc. Some highly evolved civilizations have even learned to create technology that accelerates the process of gaining ascension, of course, they need to have the potential for it.

The higher planes have many layers and degrees of enlightenment. The higher the level, the stronger the powers, knowledge, and understanding one can achieve. Both upward and downward movement is possible. Some that have ascended have been able to regain their mortal body or possess another. Ascension doesn’t make one all-knowing or all-powerful, but they often think they are. These people are often mistaken for gods and demigods. Another belief is that when they are reincarnated, this succession of lives leads them closer to ascension.

It is also called Nirvana, heaven, bliss, enlightenment, paradise, and zen. A state of mind rather than a location, another plane of existence, a different phase, or another dimension. It can be all of these, a combination or none of them.

Transmission & Vectors

It has to be acquired through hard work, through technology, or as a gift.


Not known.


Pacifism, extreme concentration, tunnel-vision, distraction, etc.


Not needed.

Affected Groups

Anywho seek to be uplifted and can acquire the needed attunement.


At first, it was a person here or there that sought Ascension, mostly hermits or others who were loners, even martyrs seeking to save others. Later, as they gained followers, others were taught to tread the same path to achieve the same.

Cultural Reception

Depending on the civilization, religion, and other factors; it is a condition of the highest achievement.

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