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Zero Point Generator

Written by Pookas Kreations

This generator is usually ran by Zero Point Battery. It converts Zero Point Energy into electricity.

This generator produces an enormous amount of energy, to be used as a backup power source for cities and spaceships almost exclusively, as well as during the setup of military or civilian bases. They are quiet and almost vibration-free as there are few moving parts.


There are two portable sizes, a duffel bag (2 ft x 2 ft x 36 in), and wagon-sized. One is able to be carried by a person, while the other either has wheels or is mounted on a hover platform.


This is a power generation device. It works like any other generator, except that it runs on batteries that are powered by Zero Point Energy batteries.
Parent Technologies
Oskyr Zimmerman invented this technology.
Access & Availability
This technology is widely available as long as the money is at hand.
The device is relatively simple, it is powered by one to four Zero Point Batterys, and other alternate forms of energy.
Oskyr Zimmerman created the technology that allowed him to created the Zero Point Generator generator. The original device that was found on the Atlantean warship during the The Chaos Wars.
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