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XSV: Star Weaver

Written by Pookas Kreations

This is an amorphous scoutship, it can change its shape however it is needed. It is controlled by an AI that can separate from the ship into another form for whatever mission is needed. The Star Weaver is an artifact from an earlier civilization and is no longer around.    This AI isn't just programmed for its job, it is sentient, and its creators gave it the ability to learn and evolve. Not only does it explore the universe, but it also finds races on the edge of space travel and gives its technology a nudge if it believes they deserve it. Sometimes he does the opposite and retard them a little, but he never outright kills the civilization.   The Star Weaver is powered by a Zero Point Generator core, it harnesses immense energy that propels it through space. This stops the need for conventional fuel, granting near-unlimited range and the ability for faster-than-light travel.    The AI's name is Weaver manages every process on the ship. His core has unlimited processing power, storage, high processing speed, and learning capacity.    Some of Weaver's unique features include:
  • Biomimetic Design, the liquid metal that the Star Weaver can mimic organic structures (a body), allowing it to interact with biological ecosystems in unforeseen ways.
  • Sensory Integration, the hull itself is a giant sensor, it can absorb vast amounts of data about its surroundings. Allowing for detailed scans of celestial bodies.
  • Self-Replication, its nanobots can replicate under certain conditions, allowing it to repair itself, with drones and whatever else is needed.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Unknown, and variable. The Star Weaver has basic modules that can move around in any configuration needed. These modules include:
  • The Command Center is the central hub for piloting, navigation, and strategic decision-making. It is a spherical core within the ship.
  • Science Labs are dedicated to research and analysis, this process is all automatic unless needed.
  • Habitation Modules are used if there is a corporeal crew, otherwise there is no atmosphere or these modules.
  • Docking Modules are temporary extensions that allow it to connect with other vessels or space stations for resource exchange or collaboration.
  • Utility Modules house essential systems like the power core, life support (if needed), and waste management (if needed). They can be ordered however needed.

Manufacturing process

This is forgotten in the past.


The Star Weaver is a Watcher and a helper of those in need.
Item type
Creation Date
Current Holder
Owning Organization
Related Condition
Unique, the others have disappeared or were destroyed.
Variable, its "base form" can be as little as 50 meters long, and 30 meters wide.
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Instead of a fixed form, the Star Weaver constantly shifts its hull. The material it is made of is liquid most of the time like mercury, and is almost indestructible. It can transform into any form imaginable, and the outer hull is self-repairing. Drones can also separate for a time for scanning, sampling, repairing, defending, or attacking.
housing 10 crew or have that with no crew. Or expand to huge size, with larger crew

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