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Magitech Technology

Written by Pookas Kreations

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." --Arthur C. Clarke   My homebrew Sky Gnomes have learned to combine magic and/or psionics with technology into a synergetic whole. They call it Magitech or Technomancy (to me these terms are interchangeable). I love the concept of Technomagic from Babylon 5 and Rifts. They use both technology and magic. One casts magic through technological objects and the other uses advanced technology to simulate the illusion of magic.   Sky Gnomes are very creative people, they love to experiment and merge things into a coherent whole (at least to them, sometimes to others it just looks like a cobbled-together mess). Some specialize in specific disciplines like magic, elementalism, or psionics and combine these with technology.   The Atlanteans mixed biomancy (specifically flesh shaping and genetics) into the mix, but rarely used elementism. Astralus prefer to combine psionics and technology with all others. Various races prefer one disciple or another, depending on their society.   Regardless of anything else that is combined with the technology when it is complete and all the bugs are worked out, the inventor has a gadget that others will trample each other to buy. Whole departments in guilds are there for the sole purpose of designing new gadgets for people to buy. Then the engineers have to make that design work. This process takes years to master and sometimes never is.


Most magitech objects are created first as a technological object, then powered by various types of stones or crystals, and any magical additions are added as finishing touches.
The first known magitech creation was made by Dieter Brightstone to house his new Skystones.
Access & Availability
Magitech technological items are widely available to anyone in the Skylands Continent, but are only sold sparingly to those below the clouds.
They can be simple objects or as complex as the creator wishs.
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