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Aether Canvas

Written by Pookas Kreations

This magitech item was built to look like a basic chalkboard except that whatever is written on it can be saved for later use. The chalkboard was made for Tansy Bramblefoot by the Bayou Halflings  The "chalkboard" is 4' x 6' x 1/2", made of normal-looking chalk with an elaborate wooden frame. It is like a smart display that is synched with a smaller handheld version mounted inside the wagon. With it, she can enter, save, or alter the recorded data. This tablet is also linked to her family cookbook, so she can select recipes to add to the menu board.   This item is a prototype and is being tested by Tansy to iron out the kinks. It is a very useful item to tell others what is being served.   Its Key Features are:
  • magical ink projection: utilizes enchanted ink that is projected on its surface.
  • responsive surface: the tablet is a display as well as a touch-sensitive device to control the satellite display
  • persistent enchantments: whatever is written on the display stays until it is intentionally erased by the user. 
  • real-time collaboration: this allows satellite users to collaborate with the home tablet. 
  • magical templates and tools: it is preloaded with a variety of pictures and templates
  • integration with magical or other libraries: this allows research into a variety of subjects having to do with cooking, herbalism, and alchemy
  • portable and adjustable: it is portable, allowing it to be moved, and can also be resized
  • magical energy source: it has a self-sustaining magitech energy source and doesn't need a  recharge for the foreseeable future


This is used as a food truck menu board.


It was made by a combination of magic and technology.

Social Impact

It tells those who read it what is being served on the food truck.
Parent Technologies
Professor Lirelle Bayoushade is a Bayou Halfling who created other Magitech devices.
Access & Availability
Currently, it is only used on this vehicle.
It looks limple, but is very complex.
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