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Preservation Cabinets

Written by Pookas Kreations

This magitech device is a dedicated and sophisticated area of the food truck used for maintaining the quality, and freshness of the ingredients and cooked foods stored inside the cupboards.    The enchanted compartments within this area are carefully crafted with magical enchantments and charms to provide a unique and effective form of preservation. These enchantments are designed to ward off spoilage, prevent the growth of bacteria, and protect them from external factors that compromise quality. Some of the enchantments cause stasis inside the cabinets.   The cooling devices work with the enchantments to keep these cupboards cool in the interior. It monitors the temperature and humidity levels.  This dual approach ensures that the environmental temperature and the moisture content are carefully regulated.   Some of the charms used are:
  • cooling aura enchantment: this is a magical crystal that emits a controlled, frost energy. They are attuned to specific temperatures required for food preservation and also stop the formation of harmful ice.
  • preservation charms: these magical symbols emanate a constant aura to ward off spoilage and bacterial growth. It doesn't allow decay to advance and ensures the freshness of items placed within.
  • temperature regulation runes: these runes allow the different draws to be adjusted to whatever temperature is needed.
  • humidity control: to complement the temperature regulation, this allows the humidity to be controlled for the optimal level.
  • adaptive preservation: some of the cupboards are imbued with preservation magi that allow it to discern the specific needs of each ingredient. Items with like needs have to be placed in the same drawer. It can intuitively adjust to specific items.
  • magitech compartments: these items work together to preserve all the ingredients however they need to be preserved.


This is a handmade item.
Parent Technologies
Thistlewind Gearspark is a Breezefolk: Bayou Halflings.
Access & Availability
It uses many interconnected enchantments to produce the effects required.
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