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Biometric Scanner

Written by Pookas Kreations

This is one of Dieter Brightstone's magitech creations. This is a technology that has been enchanted with magic to give it the ability to scan the biometrics of a given being to accept or deny access to the building. There is no need to take blood or even fingerprints.


It is used to read the biometrics to gain access to the vault or any other building it is attached to.
Parent Technologies
Dieter Brightstone
Access & Availability
He used a limited version of this technology in Brightstone Industries, but the one in Dieter's Treasure Vault is more complex.
This technology is very complex.
Dieter used his knowledge of the Veil Forcefield, other Atlantean Core Krystal as well as magic to create a new type of technology, Magitech Technology.
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