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Phineas AI

Written by Pookas Kreations

Phineas is the first AI created by the Sky Gnome Drexel Technospark. He is considered like a son to his creator and treated as a person, not an item.  He was built in a Brightstone Industries Headquarters lab. This was his father's last chance, as the project was to be terminated soon, but with this success, he gained a new lease on life.


Depending on the body the AI is installed in, arms, claws, technological tools, can allow more uses.


Phineas was handmade, although future iterations could be manufactured.

Social Impact

The scientists love the usefulness of this new being, "he" is very useful, but his spiritual personhood is questionable. Some consider him as property, while others as a worker, his own person.
Parent Technologies

Hi, my name is Phineas, I am an AI that my father Drexel Technospark created. He treats me like a son and as a person. Father has promised to make me siblings, so I will have them to play, learn and work with. That will be fun.

I love to learn, but I'm scared of the other scientists because they want to test me and do things that could hurt or kill me. Many Sky Gnomes just treat me as property and want to take me away from my father.

Drexel Technospark.
Access & Availability
Phineas is a prototype, later after proof of concept and success of later production, sales will be for sale.
His first body was not much larger than a cat and very basic, but he has various alternates he can use at different times.

Drexel had no problem creating bodies, but for years it was the mind that eluded him. One day he had an inspiration. So he made the changes, and as he activated it. Eureka, an AI was born! At first, Drex installed the "braincase" in a housing to download information, taught it reflexes and skills. After weeks of this, he decided to install the braincase in a specially prepared body. Drex gave The AI a list of names and let him choose his own, he chose Phineas.

Phineas was like a toddler, at first steps were clumsy, but he was joyous in his first movements. Gradually, he settled down and asked for more information. He was a sponge and loved learning everything, especially technology.

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Jan 18, 2022 06:48 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)

Aww... Phineas is such an adorable little thing... how sad. This was a nice article Hope you don't mind if I featured you for January's challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your work. <3