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Oskyr Zimmerman

Written by Pookas Kreations

Clan head, Chief, Elder, Engineer Oskyr Tyrel Zimmerman (a.k.a. Engineer)

Oskyr started his career as an apprentice engineer to Dieter Skyminer. In his early years, he trained as both a structural and mechanical engineer, as there are many skills in common. They soon became best friends and more collaborator than underling. They worked together for many years, until the death of Dieter. Afterward, he left Skylandia, there were too many painful memories. Later he became an Explorer to soothe his aching heart, as his soul-brother was now dead.


While traveling across the various islands, he met his soon to be wife, in her he found his soul mate. Her name is Tyressa Arkin of the Hawk Clan from the Sky Travelers. His first sight of her, was when he saw a small group training their children on Cuprys using the safety of the land. She was then a young woman, training a group of small children the skills they would need to survive the Skyways. Eventually, they married, he joined the clan traveling with them for years and he was finally adopted by the family. They had many children over the years. Tragically she died in a cyclonic storm.


With another broken heart, he left again for more exploring, three of his sons followed him not being able to lose both their father and mother. They settled for a while on Cuprys and built the first Aerodome. The young of the clan still came every few years to train soon requested to use it and he agreed. They even invented new games that  

Eventually became sports, to use the building to its fullest potential.

Eventually, so many visited just to enjoy the Aerodome that he and his sons started planning an enlarged and expanded building, so the new Aerodome came to be. It was his life's work and he even placed two plaques dedicating it to both Dieter and Tyresa.

Mental characteristics


He was trained by Dieter Skyminer in the engineering field.


Contacts & Relations

He was adopted by the Arkin family of the Hawk Skyclan from the Sky Travelers, after marrying Tyressa.

Family Ties

His children include Nykl, Syth, Yman, Tsaressa, Sysan, Mynl, and Ilyth. Except for his children he has no blood relations.
Neutral Good
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Head of the Zimmerman clan.
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
Emerald green
Light blue medium length hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Healthy tan
3' 4"
45 lbs
Ruled Locations

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