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Written by Pookas Kreations

This is a noble title that can only be awarded to those that have made outstanding contributions, so have been awarded this "life title" by the current monarch. It can not be inherited by their spouse or children.

The contribution can be for exemplary service in the military, intellectual, philanthropist, or invention contributions, even writing a song to commemorate the death of a beloved noble.


The making of an outstanding contribution to society, their specialized field, the award for bravery, being wounded in war saving others, or the Crown.


Honor and Excellance.


They are "dubbed" by the Sovereign or their deputy during a special ceremony, called an investiture. Usually, there are 30-60 individuals that are being awarded different honors. They are awarded by the Queen or someone of the Royal Family.


They have no official duties, although they can be called upon to make speeches about their field of study or anything pertaining to the award. They are often given liaison jobs to show the public that the Monarchy has a representative there.


They are able to use the title of Sir or Dame, Lord or Lady.

Accoutrements & Equipment

They are allowed to wear a sash, ribbon, or jewelry with their awarded badge in their clothing or as an accessory.


In previous years, this title was gifted to special "friends and family", or as awards for completing vital missions.

Cultural Significance

They are often used as liaisons, ambassadors, and negotiators, or assistants of such.
Nobility, Non-hereditary
It is a ceremonial/honorary title.
Form of Address
Sir or Dame
Alternative Naming
Lord or Lady
Equates to
This is the equivalent of a knight but without the grant of arms, heraldry, or land.
Source of Authority
The current Sovereign of your nation.
Length of Term
The title is granted for life.
First Holder
Past Holders
Reports directly to

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