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Arthyr Dynt

Written by Pookas Kreations

Professor Arthyr Marcus Dynt (a.k.a. Doc)

Arthyr Dynt is a Professor of biology, he is also a naturalist. He studies plants and animals, how they evolved and where they grow, etc. He is also a polymath, he is an expert in many different fields such as biology, artist, linguist, chemistry, engineering, etc. He pays close attention to detail, never seems to stay I one place long, is always moving, is very analytical in his thinking, loves working with his hands especially with painting and drawing, has excellent communication skills, and learns/speaks many languages easily. 

He and his son were traveling by ship when they were driven onto a reef in a storm. They were the only two survivors of the shipwreck. They were rescued by some darters (dolphin-like sentient sea-creatures) and taken to the shore of Dinoterra. They woke up on the coast, and when recovered, soon traveled inland in search of water and help. 

With his linguistic skills, it only took him days to learn the main language of Dinoterra, some of the Dinoterran, Saurian language took longer as he knew no other similar language to call on. He was soon so ecstatic in discovering recording, and researching all the new things that he was seeing that to him was paradise. He was taking notes and drawing pictures on anything he could find before was able to get a proper book.  After learning what he needed to survive in this new world, he joined the Exploration League and found the profession that he always dreamed of. 

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Good shape, he is well-muscled, dexterous, and immune to most illnesses.

Physical quirks

When busy with a project, he often zones out to the exclusion of everything else.

Apparel & Accessories

Arthyr affects to wear a monocle, tailcoat, top hat, and a cane.

Specialized Equipment

After his training with the scientists, he was able to build any lab equipment not needing access to computers. Such as microscopes, telescope, beakers, calipers, etc.

Mental characteristics


Arthyr was one of the assistants to the Atlantean scientists. What he didn't know is that he was actually a lab rat, they increased his intelligence and memory capacity. So he could better help them. They also conditioned him so that what he wasn't supposed to see was blurred in his memory and eventually faded. The Atlanteans filled his brain with all the knowledge that needed him to know to do his job.  He was one of the few humans that was never addicted to GSD, because it degraded his memory, and he couldn't do his job. They just controlled his memory instead, they never had a problem with him until his wife was accidentally killed in a minor uprising in the camp. His son Will was also beginning his apprenticeship as one of the Krystals technicians. When one of the larger uprisings happened, they took the chaos in the area as a chance to escape. They made it out of Hy-Altia, to the docks and onto a ship to escape. When the Atlanteans discovered their escape, they decided to punish them and others for the temerity of disobeying their masters. Arthyr was sailing the ship as far as he could get from Atlantia. On the way, running into a serious storm that pushed them onto a reef wrecking their ship and almost killing them. Darters rescued, and carried them to shore.


In one of the biology labs in Atlantia. At times he was under the supervision of Urtho the Wise.

Mental Trauma

The death of his wife, Cynthia.

Intellectual Characteristics

He is able to use all of his senses to investigate the world, and is able to concentrate on what he needs to the exclusion of anything else. He has a version of eidetic memory, but it only applies to scientific information. It was trained into him by the scientists.
Current Location
30 yrs
Light blue.
Light brown.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
140 lbs
Known Languages
Atlantean, common, dinoterran, saurian.
Character Prototype
Naturalist, and Explorer.

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