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Written by Pookas Kreations

Hyper-polyglot is a person that can learn languages quickly, and speak them fluently. Some can only speak them well, while others can write the languages as well. Not many people can speak for than two languages, as most people's language learning skills have been regarded by adulthood. While other's linguist ability never turns off. They are extremely gifted with languages and accumulate them almost without trying. Their brain quickly makes connections between similar language to help them speak with ease.

Most people learn languages the easiest while young, before adolescence. Some can only read various languages, but not speak them. Hyper-polyglots don't have this problem, they continue learning throughout their lives. They often get hired by explorers, ambassadors, and as linguists wherever they could be needed. 

Often, hyper-polyglots are good mimics, and singers. Both of these help them work vocal cords in the use of speaking languages that use different types of pronunciations.

They have excellent hearing and memory retention skills. Often, this is called a "golden ear" or having perfect pitch, musical ability. Philology is also a common interest in people with this condition. It is the study of the history of language, including texts in various languages, enabling them to make correct translations.

Transmission & Vectors

The Atlantean commonly used nanites like beings to alter their host species brains to create a situation where a special ability develops to the skill needed. They are not contagious and usually have a limited lifespan in the body.


Atlantean experimentation.


Development of new skills and abilities.

Cultural Reception

Any of the Atlantean subject races.
Chronic, Acquired
This is not normally a natural phenomenon. Of course, some advanced races like the Atlanteans or the Astralus commonly have this ability, but the one written of here was caused by Atlantean experimentation.

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